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25 November 2011

Good Morning,

No doubt like me, you probably get lots of requests to support any number of worthy causes. I have never sent out an email like that… Until now!

I am now asking you to, just for a moment, consider Variety, the children's charity. 

Dedicated to transforming the lives of children with special needs, the aim of Variety is to increase their quality of life by supplying essential items such as, wheelchairs, walking frames, Second Skin splints, Braille and Dynavox speech machines, to name a few.

Variety raises funds in a number of ways, including running events like the Variety Bash and the Variety Splash… And that’s where we, and you, come in.

Shipmate Marine Directory is a supporting sponsor of the Variety Splash, but quite apart from that, we have also entered our own team and are now asking for your support to help us raise valuable funds for this very worthwhile cause.

For more details and a very simple way to provide tangible support for this very worthwhile cause please visit:

Even the smallest donations will help and all donations are tax deductable. You will receive an auto-generated tax deductible receipt immediately. 

Hopefully the above makes sense, however, if you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to give me a call.

Cheers, John Zammit

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