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Yarra River speed limit changes

New speed limits now apply for vessels less than 35 m in length on the Yarra River.

From the entrance to the Yarra River (Beacons 23 and 24) to the southern drip line of the West Gate Bridge, the limit is now 8 knots (previously 10 knots).

From the southern drip line of the West Gate Bridge to the Bolte Bridge, the limit is now 6 knots (previously 5 knots).

This change has been made so the speed limits in the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules (VOZR) Schedule for the port waters of the Port of Melbourne now align with the relevant Habour Masters Directions (HMDs).

MSV believes uniform speeds will reduce the risks between vessels travelling on the port waters and provide consistency in waterway speed limits.

Signage and maps will be updated to reflect the new speed limits.

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