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Blood, Sweat & The Sea, on sale now

Blood, Sweat & The Sea, an exciting new book on the life of John Muir (Muir Anchors) is an interesting read for boaters or anyone connected to the marine industry.

Blood, Sweat & The Sea follows John through the life and the business that he built. He played many roles, laid his time, his health, and his money on the line to insure success. He traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and met and had an impact on a wide variety of interesting people.

Because anchoring equipment is such an important part of any boat, John worked with the leading boat builders throughout the world. The book is a veritable who’s who of top marine industry professionals. It includes countless stories about John and the friendships and partnerships that grew out of working together.

In addition to the stories there are fascinating photos of some of the largest and most beautiful yachts ever constructed and the mirrored finished MUIR products that grace their decks. Boat lovers will relish the variety and number of boats and products show-cased, from small pleasure craft to giant ferries, commercial vessels, and top superyachts.

While the book continues to spark the interest of boaters and others in the marine industry it has meaning for those outside the industry too. The book talks about setting up and expanding an international business which is not unique to the maritime field. It demonstrates life lessons as they relate to the importance of employees, owners and family all working together toward mutually beneficial success.

John Muir is alive and well and enjoying the things he loves most, family, boats, and sailing on the ocean. Blood Sweat & The Sea tells a simple story about a man with a vision and the drive to make that vision into reality. The story may be simple but the journey is long and onerous. Following along makes us think about our own lives and choices and what we have, and can accomplish.

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